Bahama® Jumbrella

The Bahama® Jumbrella offers the latest evolution of systems that have become an industry standard. Although imitations are available, nothing else is able to rival the unquestionable durability, pioneering technology and brilliant construction of the Bahama® Jumbrella. With years of development engineering and experience to support these high tech designs, no one else can provide this level of quality at such an affordable price.

The Bahama® Jumbrella can also be tailored to individual clients needs with the full range of optional extras now available. Such additions including lighting and heating can help extend outdoor revenue all year round. From long summer evenings to cold winter nights, the Bahama® Jumbrella can help maximise your business come rain or shine

Size Options

Square: 3m | 3.5m | 4m | 4.5m | 5m
Rectangle: 3m x 1.5m | 4m x 2m | 4m x 3m | 4.5m x 3.5m | 5m x 2.5m | 5m x 3m | 5m x 3.75m | 5m x 4m | 6m x 3m | 6m x 4m | 6m x 4.5m
Round: 3m | 3.5m | 4m | 4.5m | 5m | 5.6m | 6.3m | 7m.

Colour Options

Please click here to see the Bahama® colour chart.

For advise on the best solution for your outside areas, please call us on 01787 376607.

Site visits and demonstrations can also be arranged on request. For more detailed technical information please refer to the Bahama® Jumbrella brochure – available on request.

Wind Tunnel Test

The Bahama Jumbrella can withstand up to 59mph winds. Click on the link below to see how it performs in the Mercedez Benz wind tunnel.