Commercial Exterior Service & Maintenance

So, you’ve done the hard part and completed the consultation, design and installation of your new commercial exterior, now what? You’ll want to keep your new exterior looking as great as it did when it was installed – that’s what your customers expect. Investing in a comprehensive service and maintenance plan could be the key to a functioning and beautiful commercial premises. 

Sewfine can be involved in all stages of the commercial exterior design process as a turnkey solution. Or, we can help just where we’re needed. We’ll even service and maintain the exterior of your business if we have had no involvement in the installation. Have a chat with us to discuss what it is you’re looking for.

What Are The Benefits of Commercial Exterior Service & Maintenance?

As with all furnishings, interior furnishings and exterior installations, they’re destined to age as time moves on. This degradation can be due to weather erosion or customer involvement depending on where your installations are currently being used. Understanding that the exterior of your business requires consistent service and maintenance is the first step to ensuring a customer-centric front to your property. 

Regular servicing and maintenance will help to keep your business front looking pristine. But, it doesn’t only have an aesthetic appeal, maintaining your installations can be cost-effective as it prolongs the life of your commercial exterior.

Jumbrella Servicing And Maintenance

Your Jumbrella, may at some point, suffer damage, especially if it is used in a commercial setting. As the only Bahama® Jumbrella distributors in the UK, we’re in a unique position to supply spare parts and replacement canopies. We’re also fully equipped and trained to service and maintain your Jumbrella to ensure all-year-round functional use. 

As specialists with decades of experience in commercial exterior design and installation, we can offer our advice on general maintenance. So, if you want to keep on top of servicing in between professional maintenance you’re more than capable of it.

Commercial Awning Service & Repair

As well as designing and installing a professional awning for your commercial property we offer a comprehensive service and maintenance programme. No matter which type of awning or canopy you have, we have the skills to carry out the required repairs. We take pride in bringing life back into your commercial exterior and we really enjoy replacing those torn or dirty canopies with fresh, stylish awnings. 

However, your awning canopy may not be the only part of your awning that’s broken. Sewfine will work with you to renew or replace the timber boxes or front laths (and paint to your chosen colour), broken or bent arms, motors and gearboxes and lost remote control handsets which we can re-programme.

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